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- lizardbrains - 08-05-2001

I'm in the panhandle of Florida, and I would like to attend some wine festivals. I realize I'm not exactly in wine territory... but hey!

Does anybody have any websites to suggest? Or any other sources?


- hotwine - 08-05-2001

LB, call up and do a search in English on wine+fest. I got 800+ hits doing that, with many festivals in CA, NY and Canada.

- Innkeeper - 08-06-2001

Hotwine's approach is fine. We do it a different way. If the focus of our trip is wine, we make it to wine country. On the other hand, if we are just going on a trip to visit an area, friends, and/or relatives, we check the area for any festivals involving wine. For example, we are going down to Pennsylvania for a week or so in early September. So we looked up the PA Winegrowers Association to see if anything was going on. That's where we found out about the Mushroom Soup and Wine Festival in Kennett Square that we posted here recently, and plan to attend.

- lizardbrains - 08-29-2001

Thanks for the advice - I will definitely peruse altavista, and seek out the FL winegrowers association. I'm glad to have somewhere to start! [img][/img]