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Retiree Work in Wine (In Some Capacity)? - Scrovine - 07-22-2019

Hi there. It's my dream to be able to work in the wine field in some capacity.
I'm a very healthy, 63-year-old American man, now retired and living in Asia. (Would be happy to relocate for a temporary opportunity.) I used to live in Berkeley, CA, and sometimes drove up to Napa and Sonoma for tastings. Two years ago I rode my bicycle around Burgundy, and just returned from riding around Pauillac, Bordeaux and Provence for 5 weeks. I've read Karen MacNeil's "Wine Bible," and watched many videos and movies about wine. I'm no expert, but have learned quite a bit.
I'd be happy to volunteer my time and effort for the right opportunity (though of course, it would be great to get some sort of remuneration).
So, does anyone have an ideas/recommendations? I'd prefer Europe (France, Italy, Spain, etc.), but am honestly open to opportunities anywhere.
In case it's pertinent, I have a B.A. in English from a liberal arts college, was a private Apple consultant for 25 years, and have been a professional guitar player since I was 22. I speak basic Japanese and Thai. Thanks.