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Jackie Love. - winoweenie - 10-31-2015

Just a note that mite curb this horrible volume of spammers. Is there any way you can require new members post at least 3 wine experiences, questions, or something wine related before they get access to the full board? So far every newbie has gone directly from registration to Wine&Health and post on the Redditt gambling site. There has to be some way to discourage thee suckers. WW

RE: Jackie Love. - Jackie - 11-03-2015

Darlin' WW,

Hmmm. Not sure about that. It would have to be manual, as the computer doesn't read or understand content.

We CAN ban particular IP addresses and also particular words, like Reddit. So far, there are only two words completely banned from the board. You can imagine which two.

Maybe it's time to make it three. Or more.

Whatcha think?


RE: Jackie Love. - winoweenie - 11-03-2015

Anything that will keep these pimps somewhere else. So far he/she has registered 14 user names that I've caught and the message is always the same go to Redditts' webpage. Ban Redditt and they're useless. Talk to you later. XX&OOs' WW

RE: Jackie Love. - winoweenie - 11-03-2015

While I was writing Arthacraf was making 2 more posts. How the devil do I ban these Suckers? WW Also after doing some thinking you need to erase all of the personal info ( Phone # Date of birth , E-mail anything they can use) I tried to get at mine to erase it but couldn't.

RE: Jackie Love. - winoweenie - 11-04-2015

The same he/she who registered this morn under the name of linahood is Redditts' pimp, new name same poop-head. I still need to be able to ban these suckers. So far the only thing I know I can do is delete the post. If you don't care let me know. WW

RE: Jackie Love. - Innkeeper - 11-04-2015

I just deleted another one!

RE: Jackie Love. - winoweenie - 11-04-2015

Who was the post from IK? I'm keeping track. WW

RE: Jackie Love. - Innkeeper - 11-05-2015

Same person.

RE: Jackie Love. - winoweenie - 11-05-2015

I banned that name. It Just registered under Onioni. WW

RE: Jackie Love. - winoweenie - 11-05-2015

Looks like since we're running off the spammers no one is posting on the wine. Maybe we should rename this Spammers Delight and Hangout. WW

RE: Jackie Love. - winoweenie - 11-07-2015

Jackie Love, I still need to know how to ban a name. R mail me the procedure WW

RE: Jackie Love. - winoweenie - 11-13-2015

Love, I banned marymckim this morn at around 900 and again at around 12 and again just now. How the debbil be this spammer gittin around this?? WW

RE: Jackie Love. - winoweenie - 11-14-2015

Jackie Love, How about making any new member having to fill out the complete registration form and make a post in the wine secrion within 24 hours or their membership will be deleted? This should stop the same idiots from registering under a new name 2 minutes after they're barred. WW