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2009 Carruades de Lafite - TheEngineer - 08-12-2015

Simply much much better than I thought. In fact so good I would not complain if this was the grand vin from a lesser year. All the attributes you want from a good bordeaux, the fruit density, red and dark fruit, graphite, violet, leather, minerality, and creamy texture. There is a good long persistence.

I get a sense that it was still in its slumber and would benefit from some time yet to stretch out. Not that it needs to be better, but it will be interesting to see how it all comes together.

RE: 2009 Carruades de Lafite - winoweenie - 08-13-2015

Eng If you go back at tad you'll see I had the same experience with the 2nds from many of the first growths. I dint' buy them much before the 90s' because the 1st were still affordable. And I be berry,berry glad them were! WW

RE: 2009 Carruades de Lafite - TheEngineer - 08-14-2015

It really was not even that long ago when the seconds were rather they are no longer...