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Happy Turkey To A ll! - winoweenie - 11-24-2014

CoolCoolCoolWishing all my friends(?) on the board a full-FILLING thanksgiving. CB GD and Great-grandson are heading out tomorrow for our annual treck to Rocky Point for Thankee'. Hope you guys understand that The "Breakfast of Champions" there are Tequila Sunrises and not Bubbly. Also the restaurant opens at 6 am so I get a real running start on the morning.Have a great holiday. WW

RE: Happy Turkey To A ll! - Innkeeper - 11-24-2014

We are taking a group of ten of us to a restaurant as well. Not up to doing it all here this year. One of favorite haunts is doing Thanksgiving for the first time this year at $15 per head. It is extra for drinks and though they don't have BYO they are getting a wine that we requested, not of their list. Hope it all works out.

Hope you all have a very nice day yourselves.

RE: Happy Turkey To A ll! - Jackie - 11-27-2014

I'm spending the day and weekend at the Lake House in Northern California. I'm planning to cook a small turkey breast and make some of my mom's traditional sides. There are just 3 of us, and one is a vegetarian!! So we'll go mainly with veggies, potatoes, mushroom/wild rice dressing, cranberries w/apples/orange & walnuts, and pumpkin pie (from Trader Joes). Haven't selected the wines yet.

I hope you are all healthy and enjoying a happy Thanksgiving with family or friends.


RE: Happy Turkey To A ll! - Innkeeper - 11-28-2014

We took eleven family members including us to a local restaurant and enjoyed a fabulous meal of turkey and fixings. It was delicious. They charged $15 per plate and included non-alcoholic drinks and dessert. They did not have Red Zin on their wine list, but we asked them to get a couple of bottles as we couldn't bring our own. They came up with Gnarl Head Old Vine Zin for which they charged $19.95 per bottle. A check on the internet should a retail price of $12.95 so I think we go a pretty good price for a pretty good wine. Considering all the headache this saved us, I can't complain. A good time was had by all. Incidentally, we only had four wine drinkers!

RE: Happy Turkey To A ll! - TheEngineer - 11-29-2014

I know this is late, but pulled a large traditional dinner together with a 22 pounder. Nicely done with just the small family and just woke up from food coma.

bottle of bollinger accompanied the evening.

RE: Happy Turkey To A ll! - winoweenie - 12-01-2014

Back and brought a few(?) extra pounds back with me. Gorgeous weather and the Sea of Cortez was stunning. Posted a few picture on my Facebook page . Saw the strangest bird I've ever laid an eye on. Was a juvenile but had BLUE(!) feet. Posted it also. Hope all had a great holiday. WW