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2013 Thirty Bench Riesling VQA Beamsville Bench - TheEngineer - 11-17-2014

It feels like Winter has arrived in Toronto and while walking around the LCBO store, I felt like picking up a number of reds from light Cab Francs or harder to find in my area Baco Noirs. They would have been fine with my takeout sushi....( time for restaurants to night.....My East indian colleagues are already up and at work and emailing...) but I went for a bottle I have not seen in a while. I love this little winery, located some bits away from the niagara wine region.

Crack open the screw cap and I am not disappointed. This is a Canadian Riesling, ripe apple, mineral laced, not as focused as in a German, but that is true of the whole wine so it is not out of place. this is a broader riesling, impresses with a power of the density and length of the wine. Lovely really. Mid palate the citrus takes over, more rind, pink grapefruit rind and it lingers. Not a shy citrus component. Good acidity and nice finish. For $13.99, this is a great deal.