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2012 Chateau D'esclan Garrus - TheEngineer - 10-22-2014

This is not a cheap rose. This is a fantastically expensive rose when you consider that many good roses can be had for $10. Of course, more famous roses like Ott amd tempier nowadays are allocated items and cost around $50. But this still takes them all, a $100 Rose.

This should not be real, given how people make roses, but this is not a standard rose. Given time in oak, this drinks more like a white burg. The nose is elegant and the color is almost colourless for a rose. a hint of salmon really, but the texture is just oh so creamy, and the minerality will have you wondering what you are really drinking. If put against a nice white Burg, then this is not so crazily priced but as a rose, this is certainly a bit of a treat. Lovely though, I wish I could afford more but apparently this is the monaco yacht set's preferred drink.