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So, finally a post - Kcwhippet - 06-27-2014

Well, today Judy and I raided the cellar rather than down a few ales as we've been doing a lot lately. First up was a 2011 Ridge Three Valley followed by a 2012 The Prisoner. I realize it's a stretch to call these Rhones but they're close. Both were so very good. The Ridge was quite a bit smoother and seemed to be on the down side which was surprising. The Prisoner was a real fruit bomb (know what that is Janet Willson?????) compared to the Ridge. All in all both were so enjoyable in their own way. Loved em.

RE: So, finally a post - winoweenie - 06-27-2014

About time! Janet said you missed the nice color and what were you doing with prisoner. Were it shackled or running loose? She/him/it also reported you to bomb squad. WW