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2005 Meo Camuzet Bourgogne - TheEngineer - 05-19-2014

If the notion that the Bourgogne is the wine that is to carry the labels flag, then this winery, with is grand name and prices, is doing very well indeed. Maybe the vintage floated all boats, maybe, like many of the other great names are now doing, declassifying village and even 1er crus wines into great blends for the bourgognes. Regardless of what they are doing, this is an astonishing bottle. 9 years into its life, it is showing very very well right now. Deep and bold, all sorts of fruit, like a berry compote, amazing freshness and balance, this would have passed of as a great Vosne 1er cru from a good vintage or a lovely West Coast Pinot, save for a bit of shortness on the vintage. for $32, there is no better way to spend your money....though it was a few years ago. Maybe we caught it well.

RE: 2005 Meo Camuzet Bourgogne - TheEngineer - 01-03-2015

go to your dependables in hockey, and the same is true for your wine. decent crowd pleaser for both geeks and novices for post new years dinner. Same notes, no change