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2005 Dehlinger Claret - winoweenie - 12-20-2013

This 50/50 Cab Merlot blend from Tom has been my go-to, feel-ggod bottle of juice for yars. Yesterday after delivering this and some other stuff to my Biz associates and close friends I decided to kick me jodfurs off, make a Trader Joes Basil, sun-dried tomatoe chicken sausage sammich and open a bottle of this dude to kinda' open up the Yule-Tide. A match made in the cloudy region and I enjoyed the bloomin' devil outa' both. Looks like I'll be sliding off the bus occasionally so will be very selective and post whenced I does. WW

RE: 2005 Dehlinger Claret - TheEngineer - 12-20-2013

Looking forward to them!

RE: 2005 Dehlinger Claret - winoweenie - 12-08-2014

The quality of the wine mite have been dulled by the trip but looking at that magnificient Gulf and sparkling sand it was perfevt. Drink up tho if you have them as they are definitely on the
cusp. VB

RE: 2005 Dehlinger Claret - TheEngineer - 12-11-2014

Nice image there!

RE: 2005 Dehlinger Claret - winoweenie - 01-02-2015

Had another yesterday and tho immentley enjoyable I'd drink up sooner than later. Don't let this sucker go any farther and miss out. VB