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2014 Perticaia - TheEngineer - 11-24-2013

This wine seems to be one of those that illicit the like it or hate it only categories.

I've been in the like it category. Sure its a bit rustic (frankly a lot less than it use to be) and furry (tannic), some seem to not be able to decide whether they want to keep it or just drink it all (thinking that it will not improve any more). I didn't in fact find it a challenging wine but one I look for when I got a leg of lamb in the oven. This was just the perfect foil. The lamb actually brings out a litttle sweetness in the wine, adding a bit of body Plums and cherries, good lush texture, a bit furry but lovelys stuff,

RE: 2014 Perticaia - safa100 - 02-17-2014

Perticaia is an Italian wine farm specialized in the production of Trebbiano Spoletino IGT.

RE: 2014 Perticaia - TheEngineer - 04-28-2014

came home with some takeout halaw from new york. so being laszy justpulled this a poppoed. Proofed to be a nice companion to that most street of new york street foods.

RE: 2014 Perticaia - winoweenie - 04-29-2014

Being frum Okahoma " What in the Debbil be Halaw?" WW