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2003 Arlaud Chambolle Musigny - TheEngineer - 11-13-2013

I know that in the past, I've written that I'm not adverse to 03 Burgs despite the heat wave. Well...I'm not sure that this one would fit that bill. For the record, a 10 year old village level wine is holding up quite well but I suspect that it is on the decline. But that is not the problem for me as I am a bit of a necrophile. the problem is that this wine tasted disjointed and unbalanced. Everythign was there , just not together and it tasted like a 03' bordeaux of lesser ilk in that the flavours were broad and falling apart. You could taste the components and especially the higher than normal for '03 acidity. I'm guessing that this was acidified and I wish it was not. it would have been neat to see if it turned out like a Santa B like Pinot for this year instead, it was a bit of a letdown.