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2010 R & B Cellars "Swingsville" Zinfandel - Drew - 10-12-2013

2010 R & B Cellars "Swingsville" Zinfandel

•90% Zinfandel, Rogers Vineyard, Contra Costa
•6% Barbera, Rogers Vineyard
•4% Petite Sirah, Bingham Ranch, Napa Valley

I've been buying, and drinking, this wine all year and can't get enough. Fruity, spicy, savory, balanced and elegant with subtle notes of strawberry and cherry. It's been a crowd pleaser for grilling and smoking, as well as a good accompiament for roasted chicken. AND it's available here for $11.20 case buy. Big Grin

RE: 2010 R & B Cellars "Swingsville" Zinfandel - winoweenie - 10-12-2013

Absolutely adore this hubby&wife musicians new gig with the grape. I thot I'd posted on this before but see it 'haint in the bottom drawer where it's supposed to be. The memorys' the 2nd thing to go. They be making this stuff I know since the early 2000s'. WW