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1990 Chateau d'Yquem - TheEngineer - 09-30-2013

oh buy......about as close to perfection as it gets.... just behind the '89 and the still insanely young 2001.......

Perfect texture, smooth and impossibly light. lingers for a night. Only thing that held it back for me was the balance of the resiny note, but oh so minor, orange, honey, apricot, slightly exotic spices in perfect levels. super rich without being sugar and cloying, hyper elegant, is there such a thing?? Impossible to describe properly without having had it.... only thing I can compare the experience to is a 97 Harlan...I know....that won't make me a popular guy as that is a rather controversial wine. I'll drink both any day, any time anywhere that someone will buy it for me Smile

This is SOOOOOO@#$!@%!@#% good!!

RE: 1990 Chateau d'Yquem - Kcwhippet - 10-02-2013

Back about 10 years ago when the original MacKinnons in Sudbury was going belly up Helmut the wine manager took me into his office and pulled out a 375 he wanted me to try. It was a 1929 d'Yquem, and it was going very brown, but when he opened it we could smell a fantastic aroma. He poured us each about 2 oz and we marveled at the nose. Then the taste!! It was awesome - still!! It was one of those orgasmic wine experiences that come up so seldom.