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Great Introductory Wines - AnnaMag - 09-30-2013

Hi there! I am new to this forum, but I have been a wine lover for years, and I decided to do what I love for a living, so I work on behalf of a number of wineries. Working with wineries has given me the opportunity to taste a lot of different wines and talk to a lot of different people about wines, so I have a lot to share!

I have found that some great wines for novice drinkers are wine blends, which have actually become very popular over the past few years. So if you want to try a new wine, but are not sure which varietal to choose, blends are great options because they combined different varietals that complement each other nicely.

Some great ones I have tried lately are: Jacob's Creek Red Blend (from Australia), Graffigna Elevation Red Blend (from Argentina) and Dead Bolt Winemaker's Red Blend and Winemaker's White Blend (both from Napa Valley, CA).

To those of you who have tried blends: what are your thoughts? Do you prefer a single varietal wine or a blend?

RE: Great Introductory Wines - TheEngineer - 09-30-2013

First of all, Anna, welcome to the board! We love people who are new and love to try things. You being in a situation where you can try many things, please pose away.

As always, please respect the purpose of the forum as many of us are in the wine trade and we are completely open about that as long as that is not a hidden agenda. Essentially, this is a great place to take about wines with friends!

I love blends. for those of us who started with Bordeaux, that is what we started with. Even when we moved to Californian, most of those have some blend in them (I believe that you can go up to 15% in some cases). Regardless, lots of place for all the many types of wines out there.

Welcome onboard again!

RE: Great Introductory Wines - AnnaMag - 09-30-2013

Thank you! I look forward to learning and hearing different opinions, as well as sharing my own!

RE: Great Introductory Wines - Jackie - 09-30-2013

Welcome Anna. Can you tell us where you live? It's always interesting to know where people are from... and what they have available in their area.

As for the question of blends or varietals, I like to experiment. I'm not familiar with Dead Bolt wine but I'll check them out. I'm headed to Napa this weekend, in fact.


RE: Great Introductory Wines - winoweenie - 10-01-2013

Let me add my welcome Anna. You'll find that you are in the midst of some of the most interesting, knowledgeable, and dedicated wine lovers gathered anywhere. Another thing is all pretensions are left at the keyboard or they are immediately called out. Looking forward to reading your posts. WW