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From Falkirk Distillery - Kcwhippet - 08-18-2013

Through the extreme generosity of the Engineer, I received some samples of single malts. One says "with the compliments of Falkirk Distillery." We thought this might be the first new Lowland Scotch in some time. Just tried it and this is not a Lowland! Totally unpeated and a bit viscous with some very nice toffee notes - definitely a Highland. The back label gives it away - Glengoyne 10 yo. So, I did some research and it seems Falkirk has secured a library of whiskies from several other distilleries and is passing them out until their distillery is completed and they start making whisky. So, any release from Falkirk's own stills is several years away. Still and all, the Glengoyne 10 is a wonderful whisky and as my research shows has won several awards. Thanks so much, Eng.

RE: From Falkirk Distillery - TheEngineer - 08-18-2013

Thanks KC. That would explain that.

BTW, I just got called out. Flying out tomorrow again so won't be able to see you on Wednesday as originally planned. I'll let you know