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Replenishing Rotation - Innkeeper - 05-22-2013

Just ordered and received a case of reds from Tobin James (Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Zinfandel), and a mixed case from Knapp. Also picked up a couple of Italians in Portland. So we a set for summer.

Incidentally we went to the new Trader Joes in Portland. The first time either of us had been in one. Fantastic! We picked up a nice looking Ripasso for $9.99! Will report on it later. Also dropped another $85 on bargains! Have never seen such diversity in frozen foods including Indian, Philippino, and others.

RE: Replenishing Rotation - winoweenie - 05-22-2013

Now you understand the many rapturous posts I've made on this killer chain. So many goodies, so little time to eat. WW