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1998 Heitz Bella Oaks - TheEngineer - 03-27-2013

Found this all by its lonesome. The product of lucky timing and cash in pocket Picked these up for a song when they were on sale at the winery a few years ago. Picked up a few mags of this too but they did not last.

Love this wine, lots of character, menthol, dried fruits, tobacco, dust, etc. Great body and structure and very interesting. Lots to go back for. Too bad they won't be producing any more bella's

RE: 1998 Heitz Bella Oaks - winoweenie - 03-28-2013

The 1977 is in my top 10 of all time. WW

RE: 1998 Heitz Bella Oaks - TheEngineer - 12-15-2013

Went to a friends house and went rummaging through his stuff and lo and behold, found he had a bottle of this too. For all the bad press that the 98's got, this wine is still doing just fine. No change in notes from the above, but perhaps a bit more density then mine and a more more of the tobacco, dust etc,. Really lovely bottle. Both of us lamented that we did not buy more when the winery were selling them on sale.

RE: 1998 Heitz Bella Oaks - winoweenie - 12-16-2013

Great grapes from a great vineyard ALWAYS in the hand of a talented winemaker performs above the vintage! WW