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2009 Pine Ridge Fortis - TheEngineer - 03-10-2013

Of all the wines that I tasted today, the only one I should not have bought was this one and yet I did it.

It is as a blend, obviously the most complete of the wines tasted, and might have gotten the special barrel selections as the density of this wine is impressive. But somehow, while it is subjectively a great wine and the best of the day, it lack even more the character of the rest. If I thought that the components lacked some character (and btw, I want to stress that it was only some, not a major lack of character and only compared with others who do it really well, sometimes with higher price points), then this one for me lacked more. It tasted like its components, perhaps not having had enough time to come together. I always think that a blend should be better than its parts or more than its parts and this wine, while really really good and impressive, was only equal to its parts. Maybe it was a long day and I really did enjoy these wines, just something that keeps me from really rejoicing in them,