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2010 Lo Nuevo Sorbo A Sorbo - winoweenie - 02-21-2013

This Old Vines Garnacha is one mouthfull of juice. Was looking for a daily and me local pusher said try this hummer. Boy Him be Rite. Even with the cork being harder to pull than KC reaching fer hims backpocket whenced the tab arrives every thing else is straight up killer. Loads of fruit, acid, and tannns think this MITE even get better but who gives a Rats? At 10 and change kaint reccommend this too highly. If they Sells 'em...Buy 'EM. WW ( 14.5% alc)

RE: 2010 Lo Nuevo Sorbo A Sorbo - TheEngineer - 02-22-2013

They had this one to try at a wine store when I was in NY and gotta say I agree. It reminds me of the time when we all found Las Roca for around $6 and it was great stuff!