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Ardbeg Galileo - TheEngineer - 02-21-2013

Every time I take a dram of this to my desk at night, I'm hoping that I will like it more than the last time, that I will finally either get it or give in and understand that it is not the same as the other release last year, Ardbeg Day or Alligator.

But each time I put this in my mouth, I can't but feel like this is a miss. It is not a bad whisky, in fact its pretty good, but it just misses out on all of the adornments that I wanted in the Ardbeg. It's like going out for a Chicago style hotdog and missing all of its accompanyments. it could be agreat dog, but its missing something.

And that's how I feel every time I have this. it could've been a great dram, but falls so far short of the high bars that Ardbeg has set for itself.

Too bad the old bottles distilled in the 70's are now so expensive.

A father of my friends passed away this morning. He was a good man and I raise a glass to him.

RE: Ardbeg Galileo - Kcwhippet - 02-21-2013

Agree with you, Mike. Had this quite a few times and every time I taste and say "yeah, so." The Day was just so, so good!

BTW, Sunday, 2/24 is the Julio's Whisk(e)y Weekend finale. Over a hundred whiskeys to taste from 1 to 4. Not sure I'm going, though. All depends on the weather. We're supposed to get @ 12 inches of snow by Sun afternoon.

RE: Ardbeg Galileo - TheEngineer - 02-21-2013

Yeah I signed up but seeing where it is I'm watching the weather first .. Hey Verne no making fun of us!! Smile

RE: Ardbeg Galileo - winoweenie - 02-21-2013

Wimps!!!!!!! w w

RE: Ardbeg Galileo - Drew - 02-21-2013

I'm really not a whiskey drinker but I noticed on wine searcher that the 98 and 99 releases are around $100 per bottle in many stores in the USA. Is that a lot of money for a bottle proclaimed the best scotch in the world three times, acording to blogs I've read?

RE: Ardbeg Galileo - Kcwhippet - 02-22-2013

That's a good price. Not over the top at all.