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2008 Gary Farrell Trenton Staion Syrah - winoweenie - 01-26-2013

Lovely wine. Just enough funk, meat, and blackberry/spicy stuff to really keep me attention. Needs another 2-3 to tie all the pieces but nice stuff. WW

RE: 2008 Gary Farrell Trenton Staion Syrah - Jackie - 01-29-2013

Nice to hear. Gary Farrell is a friend. I actually taught him how to use email back in the day... like '94-'95. He's such a nice guy!

I really liked the beautiful winery he built near Healdsburg in the RRV, but it was sold. They still make nice wine, however. Gary's new wine label is Alysian Wines. See

The pinots are especially wonderful, as always,Heart like this example... with a 98 pt review by Robert Whitley:

98 Points - Alysian, Russian River Valley Pinot Noir - Floodgate Vineyard, Rock Hill 2009 ($55)
The Rock Hill from Alysian exhibits lovely red fruits behind what is now a wall of tannin and firm acidity, but those distracting elements bode well for the future of this beautiful Pinot, which would benefit from another three to five years of cellaring. The structure is positively scintillating.
- 98