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2004 Louis Jadot chambertain Clos Vougeot - TheEngineer - 12-13-2012

I need to state that I am very sensitive to the issues that surround the 2004 vintage and that my nose is perhaps too focused in on that one topic. I cannot enjoy any 2004 burgs it seems and there are many others like me...but others seem to be okay. So if you don't mid 2004 burgs, then ignore these four tasting notes.

Despite that, this is an interesting wine. A bit of bubble gum, spicy, slighlty almost medicinal, good long finish with decent acidic backbone.

Then again for the price of these wines, compared to the 06 I had a while ago this one fell far short of that one in quality. The 06 while tight and completely closed was a much better wine than the 04.