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- TheEngineer - 06-09-2012

This thing is ageless! I wanted to love this and I did!!! Worried that the standard bearer woulf not reach the 32 year old age properly. Not only did it, it did it in style. I've had this one before but frankly it was after soooooo many other scotchs, I didn't remember it too well.

Time alone with this beauty is necessary. was wondering what Dave Broom (a critic) was talking about when he said this was sweet. Boy did I understand that this time with the first sip. Sweet as in fresh fruit sweet is the first thing that comes to mind, before the peat, before the slight herbiness, This thing is balanced in the attached ans so achingly easy to drink. If it was not the price (and since it was a friend's bottle), I slowed it down to complete enjoy it and was a great dram it is. Smooth, confident in it self, a bit sweet, bee waxy a bit citrus almost, and then there, as in always there in the background, the minerally, slate, peaty and smoky. Prefect. Almost an emotional experience.

- Kcwhippet - 06-09-2012

When was that distilled, Mike? Port Ellen was shut down in 1983, but it has long been one of my favorite Islays.

- TheEngineer - 06-10-2012

This was distilled in 1979. Lovely lovely thing Smile I've not got a great amount of experience in PE but I was told that these would be the best distilled years (78, 79) on the market at by 83, they could not or were not given the best of barrels as it was to be used only in blends. I can't say that I've noticed that in my miniscule portions but I do like this one!