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- Brom - 05-30-2012

A wonerfully aromatic wine made from what is claimed as a native Argentinian grape.

While I think the floral, reminiscent of Gewurztraminer aroma is the best part of this wine (couldn't keep my nose out of the glass), it also wins kudos for its crisp, bright citrussy/melon tastes with a medium bodied mouth feel.

Kudos also for the tremendous price for a wine of this quality - $10.00.

2011 Fabre Montmayou Torrontes Reserva

- Innkeeper - 05-30-2012

Brom you should write a book entitled "Fine Wines for a Hamilton", and I'd be the first to buy it!

- Thomas - 05-31-2012

Interesting, Brom.

Usually, when Torrontes is the only reference on the label, the wine is produced from the Torrontes Riojano grape. Along with the other Torronte grapes (Sanjuanino and Torontel), these are DNA specific to separate crossings of the Mission grape with Muscat of Alexandria. It's the muscat connection that gives the Gewurztraminer nose to Torrontes.

The idea that this grape came from Spain was put to rest recently and it's now believed that the crossing originated in Argentina.

- Brom - 06-01-2012

I was entirely unfamiliar with this grape when I came across this wine. A very pleasant surprise to me. I was heading out to turn a friend on to a fried calamari variant at a local pizzaria/Italian sit-down (Calamari Siciliano - served with garlic slices, hot cherry peppers and capers in a white wine sauce). I hit the local reputable wine shop and as I recall, asked for a "dirt cheap" white.

I've since bought a few more bottles and hope to drink this wine several times through the summer. Fabre Montmayou probably has limited distribution in the U.S, but for those interested in trying Torrontes, I can note that NY Times reviewed samples back in february 2011 and the results of that taste testing are still on-line.

- Thomas - 06-01-2012

That's the reason behind my practice of picking up a couple of new-to-me wines each time I shop for my monthly allotment. I've discovered many delightful $10-12 wines from across the pond.