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- Guest - 10-25-2006

We have a single bottle of Cuvee Dom Perignon Vintage 1954 that was given to our son in the late 80's by the crew on the set of Bob Newhart Show. It has been on display in our home at a cooler room temperature (about 65-68 degrees). The label is printed "Champagne, Appellation d' Origine Controlee, Cuvee Dom Perignon Vintage 1954. Would this still be drinkable? Would it have a sale value?

- brappy - 10-25-2006

Haven't tasted this vintage so i can't say for sure. However, without having this stored in a wine cooler or a cold passive cellar, the odds are NOT good. I've tasted some Dom from the 80s and 2 from the 70s in the last 6 months. Both of the 70s were on thier last leg. The 82 still had some life left but was on the decline. However the '85 I tasted was still fresh. Pop it open and find out. But don't get your hopes up.

As far as selling this goes, don't. The value is worth more as a keep-sake than what is probably in the bottle.

Take care,