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- Innkeeper - 04-28-2012

2010 Glenora, Finger Lakes, Gewurztraminer ($12.49 U.S at winery). Alcohol level: 11%. We picked two of these up along with the rest of a mixed case while visiting Glenora last month. We had enjoyed it with dinner in their restaurant at a window overlooking the actual vineyard it was grown in, as well as Lake Seneca. It was lovely then and great tonight.

It is an almost perfectly balanced wine and that may be an understatement. On the nose and upfront was a bunch of flowers and fruit. On the palate it showed apples, peaches, unobtrusive spices; and a crisp, precise body. A lively finish followed.

We matched it with chicken rubbed with BBQ spice and smoked over apple chips, rice cooked in hazelnut oil and chicken stock, and peas.

The dinner was hard to beat on a chilly spring evening.

RE: '10 Glenora FL Gewruztraminer - Innkeeper - 01-14-2013

The second tonight with Turkey Tetrazzini and peas; wonderful. Will be getting more soon!