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- Qbitten - 04-10-2006

I recently found 2 old bottles of wine at my grandfather's house. One is a Port that was bottled in 1935. Most of the label is legible, but I can't seem to find it online. The second is a bottle of Louisiana Orange Wine. I was able to locate it online through Google and what a history it has. Turns out that there is only one other bottle known to still be around. The others were all destroyed in the 3 last big hurricanes. I recieved this info from the brewers grandson. Could someone tell me what the best way to sell it is?

- Innkeeper - 04-11-2006

Hi Qbitten, and welcome to the Wine Board. It is very hard to move single bottles of wine. Try We only have one group of responders on this board, so you only have to make a post once.

- Qbitten - 04-11-2006


- Kcwhippet - 04-11-2006

Louisiana Orange wine is very common and usually sells for about $6 to $8 a bottle. Despite the fact that there may be only two bottles remaining of this particular winery's vintage, chances are that you won't find any buyers. Serious wine buyers on line really only go for grape wines and aren't likely to spend money on orange wine. Sorry.