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- 777Prodigy - 04-16-2012

hello everyone! I just recently opted to live a healthy lifestyle. Now, I read somewhere that wines are used to enhance flavor and taste when it comes to cooking. Can I apply this to organic and healthy cooking? What are the health benefits if there are any?

Thanks everyone! I'm looking forward to all of your insights! :-D

- Jackie - 04-17-2012

Welcome to the WineBoard. Of course wine can be used in organic and healthy cooking. And there are very good organically grown wines.

The health benefits go on and on. There have been lots of studies done and many books written on the subject. Here is a link to one book you may want to check out. It is available from the Gift Shop... it's called "Age Gets Better with Wine, New Science for a Healthier, Better and Longer Life":

Keep us posted on your healthy lifestyle advances.

- althealee - 06-15-2012


I hope I am not too late in posting!! Wine is a very interesting ingredient that can be added when cooking, it could promote the flavor of the food. It is best noticed with foods like red meat, sea foods, pasta and also soups. Wine helps in digestion as it has a positive approach in controlling cholesterol hence lowering the risk of nay heart disease. It also contains less calories and off course it can be included in your cooking for a healthy lifestyle. I personally use red wine in my cooking for meats and pastas.

Hope I helped!!

- 777Prodigy - 06-28-2012

If you are looking for health benefits of wine here are four benefits, wines fight heart disease. How? It increases the bloods level of inflammation fighting omega 3 fatty acids. Boost your bones, the alcohol increases estrogen to strong bones. And, it protect our liver, people who drink wines have half the risk of fatty liver disease. Ditch diabetes, by putting down the cheer of your choice it helps improve our body’s sensitivity to insulin.

- Thomas - 06-28-2012


Can you cite the studies that make those claims? I'd like to read them.

- Kcwhippet - 06-28-2012

It's all bogus, Thomas, and you know it as well as I and many others here do. I don't understand how people can make claims like those above with a straight face, knowing full well they're false. Either that or they've heard something outlandish like this and don't know enough to check out whether or not they're true.

- winoweenie - 06-28-2012

Youse 2 kill-joys! Based on the above I intended to start a wine-drinking regimum so I could prolong me existance. SHEESH!!!!! ww

- Thomas - 06-28-2012


I'm being subtle these days. I figure that a few schmoes will believe anything they read (I mean, this is the information age on the Internet!).

I wanted to plant the concept of verification in people's heads.

- Kcwhippet - 06-28-2012

Oh, I get it. If you read it on the internet, it must be true. After all, Al Gore "invented" the internet, so everything you read there is the gospel truth. God help us!! We are so heading for the Armagedon (sp).

RE: Wine and healthy cooking - winoweenie - 06-10-2014

Holy Murgatroid! Another 'un from the BIG Country. WW

RE: Wine and healthy cooking - AedanAiden - 04-11-2018

Hi Prodigy,
Welcome on board and like to say to live a healthy lifestyle workout regularly and follow balanced meal plans. As concern as healthy meals and to enhance flavor and taste do spend some time on the internet and you will get tons of recipes.