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- TheEngineer - 04-02-2012

What a shame... a highly touted vineyard from great producers and even they cannot compensate for the '03 season, I've got a few more bottles so will try to see if it was just a bad bottle.

Colour shows faster aging than anticipated. IT was definitely a deeper gold, honey color, the most immediately thing is that the typical freshness and appeal of von Kesselstatt is missing. the wine is still pleasant but without the verviness one expects from this vineyard. I've had many 01's and 05's from them and they have all been great, this one limped much farther behind.

- Thomas - 04-05-2012

Ah yes, vintage does matter. That was a hot, over-ripening year in Europe and the aromatic varieties often suffered. Added to the vintage, you have producers unfamiliar with how to handle the extremely ripe fruit.

Suggest you get at those few more bottles quickly.

- TheEngineer - 04-05-2012

Thomas, only problem is taht after reading "The Drops of god" and yes I've jsut finished my third book. ....all i want to drink is Burgundy.....and now I know where teh hell all of the Roumier's are dissappearing to.........Bloody maga comic followers......the first apostle was..... Smile I'll let Jackie catch up.

- Thomas - 04-05-2012

Reading can be hazardous...