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- TheEngineer - 03-25-2012

One of those things they send you in the mailer and you go ...hmmmmm..... I like A/O wines but I've never had wither their PN nor this, a Syrah. A/O has been sending own bottles from to-Kalon, Casper Vineyards, etc and the story at the winery is that they winery wants us to be able to taste the components of the wine that go into the wines at A/P, specifically Era and Proprietary Res. But as far as I know, there is no PN and Syrah in hose wines so these wines do not quite hold up that story. It was apparently from Napa but that is all I know about them.

Medium bodied wine, nose was ratehr muted, nostly ripe berries, missing the spiciness that I was looking for. Wine is plesant enough, smooth, medium bodies, but for $65, you should be seeing a smoking bottle out of the Rhone.