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- Missceanne - 10-08-2006

Hello, I'm Missceanne. I have a bottle of 1989 Rosemount McLaren Vale Show Reserve Syrah. When I received this bottle from Rosemount 2 years ago. I was told 1989 is first year Rosemount Balmoral Syrah was produced but the wine did not gain the name Balmoral until 1992. The label is in good condition. There is no leakage and the cork is not raised. Wine is still in the neck but it is about 3/4in below the bottom of the cork. I have kept it stored in a temperature controlled wine cabinet. I do not know anything about this wine. I want to know if this wine is still drinkable. Is it rare? I can't find this wine listed anywhere.
Is there anyone out there who knows about this wine?