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- andrawes76 - 12-11-2011

I made a reluctant decision a while back to buy 2 bottles of this, from a special friend in need, at full price of $800 a bottle but...

I will say that this could be the very reason why I love Bordeaux and specifically Pessac Leognan terroir. Opened this wine with two Master Sommeliers and we all agreed this wine is seriously amazing, and to give it points would be to disrespect the oldest First Growth and probably the oldest established vineyard in history.

The wine opened up with a little barnyard on the nose, but that quickly disappeared. Fragrance of fresh flowers, earth after a fresh rain. After 20-30 minutes it opened up further to reveal more interesting earth tones and sun dried fruits.

On the palate it went from moderately wound to unraveling crushed rock and fruits such as fig, plum, rapsberry. Black currant no doubt with a tiny bit of cassis, which I like in any wine. Its the second time I have had this wine both from great well kept cellars and I will tell you it could be the best wine I have ever had.

- Jackie - 12-12-2011

Wow. Sounds lucious.

Tell me, what does "moderately wound" mean? :?: