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- TheEngineer - 12-06-2011

It's like that story I think I told here before. I was a very poor high school student trying to buy what was for me then an entire summer's pay worth of speakers. ...back then that was $1800. I was sooooo happen when I ordered these things, looking forward to them for weeks! when when I picked them up, the store owner offered to turn on the next level up for me to listen to ...costing $2500....I protested as I did not want to hear them. He turned them on anyways and yes, they were better, much better....i went home pissed off that I now would always know the delta between the two levels of these speakers and the ones that I had worked on for all summer no longer sounded so perfect to me.....

Same as this wine. Pity it had to come so close to the Quinta do Noval... it was all I cuold do to ifnd descriptions that did not start with Less ... than the Quinta....

so here it is...less dense than the Quinta, less involving a wine, less lift and feels almost descided common beside the Quinta..... Having said that
nice bright ripe fruits, nice persistence, a bit of nuttiness, decent balance.....