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- TheEngineer - 11-28-2011

You guys know me, I'll pretty much put anything in my mouth if it looks and remotely smells like wine.

A friend of mine explained to me how he got this bottle, he was very proud of it and knew that I was a wine nut so he wanted me to try this. He got this in Canada during the summer, carried it around with him as he backbacked through the cottage country during a hot summer, it went in his luggage during the summer, which promtely got lost and it took a few days to find it during the summer to get it back to him...... To my friend, this is his idea of provenance, tha the could tell yo exactly where this thingg was over the summer.... suffice to say for me, all I could do was smile and knowing what I was in for.....

I know that Serbia makes good wine, so this in no way is a statement about Serbian wine, more about what happens when ANY wines goes through what this bottle did....

OMG...AWGK....heat Stroked and dead on arrival, murky, even the texture was weird, almost oily to the point that I was wondering about microbial growth.....hopefully it was high in alcohol..... I did not get the vintage.

- hotwine - 11-28-2011

Might be worth keeping around if you need paint thinner or boot cleaner.... otherwise, to the septic system and hope it doesn't harm the microbes in there.

- TheEngineer - 11-28-2011

Smile not sure I'd want to risk thousands of dollars in damages that it could cause to the copper piping.... Smile