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- hotwine - 11-22-2011

Whew! Unique nose, what some have described as FWP - French whore perfume. Not being familiar with the aroma of a French hooker, smells to me more like an oak stump that's been burned in a brush fire.... maybe with a skunk stuck in the roots as it roasted.

An Islay malt from an 18th century distillery....definitely improving with each sip. All of 55.8% alc/vol... must avoid operating machinery any more lethal than a butter knife.... John Deere, you're on your own. Nice rich brown color, darker than most malts I've tried..... might need further examination with a second wee dram... will be sure to temper with a splash of Peligrino....little Miss Fifi is looking a whole lot better!

- TheEngineer - 11-22-2011

Sounds darn interesting! Better than the Macallan 12 I had tonight....