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- TheEngineer - 11-20-2011

Visited KC today and he noticed my every growing proportions.....gotta get back into some meaingful diet.

Picked up a couple of scotches from him and was planning to open up the Bunnahahahnnieillwwndkjdihgwen......or whatever it;s called, but instead picked up this bottle for dinner. I really do like this juice, a bit closed today I think, needed some time to decant so Poured about 4 hours before dinner into a large Reidel glass. Nose is developing but definitely tight, of dark berries, tobacco, slight hints of herbs, oak, a bit discombolulated still, won't tough the other bottles for a while. On the palate, nice density but you notice the mountain verviness which I like. Currant, tobacco, oak, again not all together yet as it finishes a bit hot. Smooth texture, good structure here, nice bottle.