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- hotwine - 11-20-2011

Mercymercymercy, this be one beautiful jug o' juice! Angel's breath on the nose, gorgeous red fruit up front and mid-palate, lip-smacking finish that goes on and on. Worth at least twice the price of $27.79 (Costco), 13.5% alc/vol. With chicken marsala. Aged for 14 months in small oak casks and 12 months in bottle prior to release.

The Marchese's centuries'-old family tradition (admitted to the CC guild in 1485) kind of puts the FNG johnie-come-latelies to shame. This is why I prefer European wines. Kind of like a 20 yo single cask scotch for a C-note. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

- TheEngineer - 11-20-2011

Nice when there is great QPR still out there. I agree with you about his riserva's. Others would charge twice the price for exactly the same thing, if not worse.