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- Ivy - 11-08-2011 03:17 AM

Are you interested in exporting your wines to China and have a long development of your wine brands? If yes, pls allow me to briefly introduce our company for you.

Haiwei Liquor Trading Market, supported by the Commerce Department of PRC, is the most legitimate international liquor trading platform with sustainable development. It conducts chain operation in free trade zones nationwide, adopts a mode of unified customs clearance, unified inspection & quarantine, unified distribution, unified operation and management. With outlets center in districts and counties throughout China, Haiwei changes the traditional mode of multi-agencies and brings to Chinese consumers original liquor products from international wineries through customs clearance and distribution. Haiwei applies the mechanism for selecting the superior and eliminating the inferior to ensure Chinese consumers to obtain international liquor products which are “legitimately imported, direct selling, safe, of fine quality.” Haiwei also makes a promise that it will compensate a hundred times price if anyone finds out fake products in Haiwei.

Haiwei Liquor Trading Market, with concept of “most innovative high-end mode, occupying market without risk”, is the sole international liquor trading platform with legal operation right in China. It’s devoting to avoiding risks, reducing costs, increasing efficiency, occupying market, and building brand for wineries. Supplier members of Haiwei enjoy these advantages: enjoying mature resources, easing financial pressure, building permanent brands, and occupying market easily.

Haiwei Liquor Trading Market aims to establish 100 flagship stores of outlets center and 500 outlets center throughout China, so as to make huge marketing network.

Welcome to join in supplier members of Haiwei Liquor Trading Market, to have your wines entered the Chinese market and become known brands as fast as possible.

If you are interested, pls do not hesitate to contact me by Skype at ivyxie1220, or email at, or phone at 0086-13590258865.

Ivy Xie

Marketing Director

Shenzhen Haiwei Investment Co., Ltd.

China Haiwei Liquor Trading Market