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- TheEngineer - 10-14-2011

Yeah...this is more like it!

I love mouverdre blend wines and this one is considerable cheaper than the Tintot from Boislauzon. Not as refined but I love this wines rusticity. This is a Man's wine!

Nose is surprisingly somewhat rentincent, shy almost for thisine. but the palate strikes away any notion that this is a light wine. Black ripe fruit, raspberries, minerals stand up a bit, nice tartness, and great structure, tannins still vry evident, little bit of barnyardiness,.....brett? certainly not unpleasant in this level. Rustic, and tannic, finishes a bit hot but it did not take away from the impressions of this wine. Good for the price around $30-35?

held me off from opening a tintot that night.. but rightly so made a nice impression on me by itself..