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- andrawes76 - 09-07-2011

What a score. The person who opened it up said it was dead. It wasn't corked, wasn't vinegar so I told him to be patient. We double decanted it. It had a muddy like texture (thick and rich), almost like A1 sauce, well not really but you get my drift. The wine opened up after 3 hours and really was extraordinary. It had earth and a very complex nose of saw dust, worcestershire, but overwhelmingly smelled like a fruit/veggie section of a supermarket. On the palate it had a rich texture, slightly less acid that I would have liked and a medium finish. Definitely not in perfect shape, but still there... drink now or maybe yesterday. :-)

- hotwine - 09-07-2011

Might there have been a storage problem? That was a wonderful vintage in Bordeaux and a stellar producer, so am suspicious of the bottle's provenance.

- andrawes76 - 09-08-2011

No suspicion, it had a lower fill level than most people would like to have seen but it came from the cellar of a friend who bought them 25 years ago.