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- TheEngineer - 08-21-2011

Went for dinner with some friends at the Island Creek oyster restaurant and it was very very good. opened up a bottle for dinner. Scanning the wine list we saw a wine that we had over in Europe, specifically poured by M. Moreau himself.

Wonderful steely minerally nose, lemon rind, On the palate, much the same but wonderful density for a Chablis, good acidity and heavy on the minerals. Lythe and focused, this is a wonderful wine but comes for a price.

RE: - TheEngineer - 06-17-2013

I ended up buyin a few bottles of this and had one the other night. So good. Same notes but some evolution. Primary fruit is a bit down and the austerity has been replaced by some nice evolution of flavours. the tension is slightly less than before but it is coming together nicely.