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- Kcwhippet - 08-19-2011

I'm sure none of you can get this wine, but here's my take anyway. ITB stands for In the Buff - i.e. an unoaked Chard. For my birthday, Judy and I went to Newport for a bit of fun and a comedy show at the Newport Yachting Center Marina (Ron White if any of you care). While there. we went to the Coddington Brewery for some brews and some food. Then we went to the Newport Winery with no expectations of anything earthshaking. They make 28 differnet wines - all from estate grown grapes - whoda thunk it. Anyway, out of all those wines, we really liked their Mosel style Riesling and the In The Buff Chard. Both were quite nice wines, but the Chard was really, really good. They harvest a bit early, so there's higher acid and lower sugar than normal. The wine is really delicious!!! Wonderful fruit and crisp flavors.