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- MartinD - 02-11-2005

This should be a tough question.<P>I've purchased two bottles of wine back in April of2003. One red, and one white. I bought them at a local farmer in the southern region of France. Locoste, Provence to be specific. I haven't opened them since August of 2003. They are all natural the farmer said. He mentioned he uses less than the max amount of suffer and no herbisides or pesticides.<P>My question is, Are they still drinkable, if so, how much longer do i have until they go bad?

- winoweenie - 02-11-2005

Hi MartinD and welcome to the board. There's only one thing worse than haveing a bottle of wine go bad and that's having 2 bottles vinegarize. Not knowing what grapes the farmer used, I'd start by opening the white with lunch Saturday and the red with dinner. Contrary to popular notions, most wine is NOT made to get better with age. Open them hummers and share with someone special. Good Luck. WW