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- tweeter - 06-06-2004

Hi ny name's Mike Fink and I live in Atlanta. I have a wine rack that you might be interested in....<P>It holds 384 bottles of wine - <BR>It's 77" at widest point, 64" to highest point and 30" at deepest point<BR>Willing to sell for $200 or best offer....<BR>here are some pics:<BR><P>If you are interested in the winerack or have any questions please feel free to email or call:<BR>thank you - <BR>Mike Fink<BR>404-827-4999

- Drew - 06-06-2004

link doesn't work....<P>Drew

- chittychattykathy - 06-06-2004

(Drew- link in his other posting under "advert/promo" works.)<BR> <BR>Welcome to the board Tweeter! Good luck with the sale of your wine rack--looks to be a good one. Why are you giving it up?<P>BTW- If you would please do just one posting per subject in the future, too much confusion otherwise. Look forward to chatting with you more. <BR>CCK<BR> <BR>

- Drew - 06-06-2004

I'm trying everything but none of them links works on my puter.<P>Drew