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- swe936 - 02-01-2004

I have just completed building a wine cellar in my basement and am trying to figure a way to bring the humidity level up (now only about 20%). The cellar is passive, very well insulated, with a temp of about 59, and I'm hoping not to have to buy a system, but will if I must. The cellar holds about 400 bottles. I was told that just adding trays of water with a sponge may do it .. sounds a little off to me. Ideas would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

- hotwine - 02-01-2004

Howdy, Swe, and welcome to the board.<P>Strange as it sounds, a sponge in a bowl of water might raise the humidty in the cellar, although more often a simple rag that is draped into the bowl has been reported to work better: the idea is to wick the moisture from the bowl into the air of the cellar. However, with a starting RH of 20%, you've got a long way to go to reach the optimum range of 60-70%. I'd be inclined to install a humidifier.

- Thomas - 02-01-2004

Hotsie is right--install a humidifier.<P>The only time wetting something to raise the humidity ever works for me is in hermetically-sealed hotel rooms. Before I go to bed in one of them I fill the bathtub with hot water, sprinkle ice underneath the bed, pour a large pitcher of water for the night stand, and wake up with less cotton mouth than I would have had I not taken those steps.

- swe936 - 02-01-2004

As I thought. Any suggestions on brands, types, etc. I only have a 4X8 room