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- petiole5 - 06-25-2011

We are moving and selling our wine collection! 120 bottles to sell, many 10 years old. Most varietals, mostly French and California wines. Great prices and discounts for bulk purchases. Everyday wines selling for $5-20.

Our sale is Sunday, June 26, 10-3, or email for appointments.

Sunday, June 26, 10-3
46 Mirabel Ave
San Francisco, CA

Bernal Heights near Precita Park
Mirabel, between Coso and Shotwell (major cross streets Mission and Cesar Chavez)

- SCHOOG - 07-03-2011

I just joined...if you have any marilyn or norma jean left over please contact me!

- andrawes76 - 07-04-2011

Welcome to the Wine Board Petiole5 and Schoog, I hope you both enjoy our site and please ask away. We are here to help. Happy 4th of July to you both. :-P

- winoweenie - 06-21-2012

__Doesn't ennybodi re4ad me pleas? Get this last post offn'n the derned board. WW__

- team - 06-21-2012

The Spammer and his garbage have been deleted.


- winoweenie - 06-21-2012

Tankke sweet Jackie. ww

RE: Wine Sale, San Francisco (Bernal Heights) - Ghost Block - 04-24-2013

I have many years of Marylin and Norma Jean starting 2001. What are you looking for?

RE: Wine Sale, San Francisco (Bernal Heights) - TheEngineer - 04-24-2013


You might want to look at the date Smile Its been a few years.