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- Innkeeper - 06-23-2011

We stopped by Shelton on a trip we just got back from. We picked up their Chardonnay Bin 17 ($11.99), and Estate Cabernet Franc ($13.99). We were on our way to a reunion of Bev's extended family in Cordele, GA. Her cousin loves Chardonnay, so that's why we picked this one up. It is made in stainless with no exposure to oak, tho they also make one they call their Estate Chardonnay that is oaky.

This one was very plesant and went just fine with a chicken breast dinner that was the capstone of the reunion. It was very similar to the Knapp Finger Lakes Chardonnay, but slightly lighter. Not knocking it all. It was still a very drinkable wine that would go with either a light meal or as an aperitif.

We brought the Cab Franc home, keeping it in the cooler all the way.

- wondersofwine - 06-24-2011

I may have to try the Chardonnay. I like their Riesling.

- Innkeeper - 06-24-2011

Thanks WOW, we like their Reisling too; there is an old post before yours on it.

For the technocrats out there, all of Shelton's wines are estate grown. I forget how many acres, but it is a large vineyard with a rose at each end of the row. They currently bottle eighteen wines including six propriatary, one of which is a Claret at $40; a bubbly, and a "Port." The other ten are varietals including all the usual subjects. They are at a faily high altitude, and are very friendly. Worth the stop if coming up or down I-77 in NC.

- Thomas2 - 06-24-2011

Thanks for the information, IK.

18 different wines!

I do wonder why wineries feel compelled to dilute their message by providing so many different products; but then, I also lost a winery by producing only four products, so don't listen to me.