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- TheEngineer - 05-14-2011

These Nebbiolo's were very interesting, sourced from an area that is rather north Nebbiolo d'Alba but still able to call them that...actually closer to Boca and had some resemblance to the Le Piane wines that I tried a few weeks ago. I like these wines for their finesse, a step up from normal nebbiolo but they are not barolo nor barbaresco. Nonetheless, not cheap at $45-$50 a bottle.

08, slighlty lighter in color and definitely lighter in density, This was the one with the distinctive grapefruit nose, strawberries, citrus, very interesting.tightly wound, lacking some structure of the others. more Pinot Noir like

)7 - nose of cola and brown sugar, berries, slightly darker, fruity nose, on palate, tight, tannic but excellent length, home herbal hints, goo depth rather than elegance

06 - dark berries, more elegant nose, tomato leaf, some citrus notes, floral, a bit shorter than the 07 but still lovely

Pick of the lot in this case is the '07 but it might not hold together as long.