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- TheEngineer - 05-13-2011

Daughter of the owners is now working with the winery. She presented a number of current releases as well as a few others.

Started with the Petillant, the sparkling wine that is made byt Huet, at half the pressure of standard champagne...I was told. Clean nose, very fresh, minerals, bright and refreshing, slight honey minerals, light and vibrant....did not get vintage

2009 Domaine Huet Vouvray Le Haut Lieu Sec 2009 - Pure light gold in colour, nose is young and vibrant but with a certain density, apples, pears, l of youthful apples and pears, good density of flavors but with more acidity than I had presumed. Not as vervey as the 08's

2009 Domaine Huet Vouvray Le Haut Lieu Demi-Sec 2009: Appears to be a step up in refinement as well, nose is more together, pears, floral almost honeyed, with with good focus and elegance still. More dense on the palate but not overtly over the top sweet, Needs time to come together as it is still very tight

2008 Domaine Huet Vouvray Le Mont Demi Sec: slightly lighter and more elegant nose, more apricot than apple, smooth entry but with a higher acidity level.

2009 Domaine Huet Vouvray Le Mont Moelleux Light honeyed nose, floral, fresh, on the palate, more density than the demi-sec but still not overtly heavy, youth and very tight still, again, needs time

1998 Le Mont Moelleux - some development but still a youngish wine, darker in colour, offering some honeyed toasted flavors in addition to its dense structure and good minerality. Showing well but could still take some more age.

1997 Cuvee Constance - deeper golden with brownish tint, some oxidative character of nuttiness, pickled veggies, good complexity lovely nose and nice long length.

Nice tasting.....headed off then to a Sandrone tasting....more tomorrow on that one.